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Truth + Beauty

The Challenge

Truth + Beauty’s website was originally developed as two separate sites with the WordPress blog residing in a separate directory. Making updates to two sites was a challenge for T+B; especially since they can’t code. Merging the sites into WordPress would make the site scalable, provide a more friendly UI and allow for simplified customizations.

The Solution

Creating WordPress page templates and headers was the key to this site merger. Every page on the site was inspected and broken down into headers, pages and footers for the templates. Visually, HTML and CSS were edited to make the merger look seamless.

T+B was a collaboration with a graphic designer.

The site’s design was provided in a Photoshop PSD file, written into code and copied into page templates.

Client Priorities:

  • Move site into WordPress while retaining the look
  • Make the blog look like the rest of the site

Creating page templates and merging code.

The focus of the project was on taking the original code (PHP, HTML & CSS) and moving it into WordPress page templates.

Work Process

  • Review original developer’s code
  • Create WordPress page templates
  • Copy all necessary links, scripts, tags, etc. to header.php and footer.php
  • Copy content into corresponding page templates
  • Troubleshoot

The original blog was a separate site.

The look of the blog was different from the main site.

The blog merged seamlessly.

Two sites are now one; meeting T+B’s number one requirement.