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The Challenge

Two weeks prior to airing on the The View, Rosie hired us to make the site easier to navigate and connect with fans. She also requested e-commerce to help raise funds for charity.

The Solution

Calls to action were added to the home page. AskRo and the View Recaps are featured along with a call to action for a newsletter sign-up. E-commerce is installed and generating funds for Rosie’s Theater Kids.

The original header was not eye-catching.
The new header has more personality; you clearly know this is Rosie’s site.
The original home page lacked images to help guide the visitor.
The new home page provides visual cues and calls to action.

Google Analytics

50% of visitors go to the AskRo section. To make it easier to find, a AskRo call to action button was added to the home page.

Newsletter Sign-Up

A call to action was added to the site to promote Rosie’s charity. Over 3,000 people registered in less than two months.


Rosie’s unique artwork is available for anyone to purchase. 100% of proceeds go directly to her charity, Rosie’s Theater Kids.
Rosie Social

Social Media

Connecting with fans is easier with large and colorful social media links clearly displayed in the header and footer.