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Like a Drop of Water

The Challenge

I collaborated with children’s book author, Richard Wainwright, to create a website for children across the world where they can write an essay about climate change and its affect on their community. After entry submission, each child received a certificate of participation in their email. Each month, the best two to three essays were chosen to win a cash prize.

The Solution

A custom WordPress theme was created using HTML, CSS and PHP. A form allowed children to write their essay directly on the site or upload it as a file. A PHP script applied the child’s first name to the certificate of participation and emailed it to them.

Richard requested a logo of Earth encapsulated in a drop of water. I was inspired by Carl Sagan’s words – “Earth, a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena.”
Each child received a certificate of participation.
Like A Drop of Water awarded approximately $2K to kids around the world.
The original home page featured a video of Richard.
A reboot of the site as a place for climate change discussion is being designed.